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Tuesday Night @ Twin Ponds Golf & Country Club

Tee Off: 5pm - 6pm


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Hello fellas , this Thursday will be our last week of golf as a league.

We all still have , I believe,  4-  9 hole rounds coming from twin ponds .

This week we will have our championship match : Scott Duck and Bruce Davis , versus Duffy Jones and Bob Perkins.
Winners will receive $ 180.00 , and runner ups will get $ 80.00 dollars. Good luck gentleman !!!!

Every team will be receiving score cards with just their team on it . If you guys could figure your team best ball with handicap scores  for me it would be appreciated.
Don't forget to put your scratch scores in so I can tally up our second half individual skins. Please put your team score at bottom of card 

I did pair up teams for Thursday , but if you would rather play with another team feel free to change .team versus team scores mean nothing ,
except for championship match . 

Don't forget to stop in after golf and have our last buffet , served by twin ponds .

Keep it in the short stuff 

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