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Golf League

Tuesday Night @ Twin Ponds Golf & Country Club

Tee Off: 4:45pm - 6:00pm


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Here are the dinner options

for our year end event :

1) N.Y. Strip

2) BBQ Beef Brisket

3) Lemon Basil Mushroom chicken

4) Veggie Lasagna

5) Broiled Salmon

All Meals will include salad , corn on cob , Salt potato , and garlic bread .







Hello guys ,

Would like to congratulate the First half champs ,

Roy Laughinghouse and Stave Guski .

Great playing guys !!!!!

Congrats to Best Ball Champs ,

Duffy Jones and Souk Dongsavanh .!!!!

This week 10 will be our first week of second half . and also the start of the Second half Skin Game .

Good luck to all and keep it in the short stuff !!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to all for choosing Pine Hills for our outing on August 26th .

This date made it possible for all to make it to outing .








June 24th

hello fellas , week nine is position week , so you will play with your assigned group .

We will be having a buffet after golf this week ,

and also our two man best ball with handicap tournament .

Each team will get there own scorecard for the tournament ,

Best Ball Scorecards

if you guys can give me your best ball scores would be nice.
Prizes for tournament are 60 , 40 , 20 . 1st , 2nd , 3rd place.

Also the first half champs will be decided this week .
The first half skins will also be given out to the winners .

I also will give you 4 courses for our outing ,

we can vote during our buffet tuesday after golf .
I will have all pertinent info on all courses ,

tee times , dates , food ,range balls , lunch at turn etc .

the courses to choose from are : 

Yahnundasis - $ 100.00 per man

McConnellsville $ 65.00 per man

Skenandoa  Club  $ 63.00 per man

Woodcrest Golf $ 65.00 per man




Hello and welcome back everyone, hope all had good winter.

Our first week of golf will be May 1st, our last week is August 28th.

Our league has the tee box from 4:45 to 6:00.

Since we have the tee box at 4:45 this year, there will be no set tee times.

First total group on tee goes off first.

Some players can’t be there early, so based on who you are playing will dictate when to get there.

As the year progresses we will all be aware of the gentlemen who will be a little late.

I would suggest too give one of your opponents a call and see when they can make it to course.


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