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Twin Ponds Golf Classic News and Notes 2018

Welcome to TPGCNN.

We will review scores from the previous week and offer tid bits

of almost anything that's fit, or not fit to print.

If any of you would like to share anything of interest, and I mean anything,

feel free to let me know so we can get it to print.

On with the recaps.




Week 21


Round 2 Playoff Results


#6 Brown/Bialak - 3 vs #8 Blunt/Lubey
Lets see here, Tim Brown and John Bialak would never give up the lead. From start to finish, the winners seemed destined to move on to the final match. Bill Blunt and Lance Lubey followed last week's triumph with mediocre play, despite two birdies from Lance Lubey. The doubles and one triple bogey by the losers were too much to overcome, I'm very sorry to report. Well, there is always next year. "Spoils to the winners."

#18 Niemers/Banas - 3 vs #12 Educate/Morton - 0
Tim Banas went on the DL today with Vertigo. The real thing, not the movie. Unable to play, Don would have to go it alone. Louis Educate and Rob Morton were ready for battle. This was to the death. (not really). Don Niemers would shoot +1 today. That was good for a 3 point win as he bested his opponents. With one birdie and two bogies, Don would keep his opponents at bay the entire match. The final outcome was established well before the last putt.


So, without further adeau,

The Final Match will be play at McConnellsville Gold Club in an 18 hole format.

Good luck to the participants.

This week a Singles Tournament was held.

The net scores below are the results.
1st. Place - Russ Cahill- 31---------$50.00
T2nd. Place- John Sadallah - 32------$35.00
- Dom Tripp - 32--------$35.00
T4th. Place - Vinnie Nucci - 33-------$10.00
- Mark Kotary -33-------$10.00




Week 20


Round 1 Playoff Results

#1 Niemers/Banas - 2 1/2 vs #8 Hayes/Cahill - 1/2
Number one seed Don Niemers and loyal side kick, Tim Banas, win this close match over Matt Hayes and Russ Cahill. Armed with seven strokes in hand, Matt and Russ would put up a good fight, holding the lead through #16. The losers would falter and lose three strokes to the eventual winners on hole #17 essentially ending the match. Down 2 with a hole to play, Matt and Russ would win the last hole to make this match very close. The methodical way that Don and Tim played lends creedence to their lofty seeding. Bring on Louis Educate and Rob Morgan. But at this point, who can beat Don Niemers and Tim Banas?

#2 Brown/Bialak - 2 1/2 vs #5 Kotary/D'Amico - 1/2
Down goes Frazier, Down goes Frazier! When John Bialak walked upstairs to the dining area, he was asked who won the match. A thunderous applause erupted when John told the news of victory. Ouch for the losers. Mark and Gene were rolling along with Gene scoring a birdie on #12.  They would build a five stroke lead through # 13. Then, the first of two dreaded 7's on #14 by the losers would change the momentum of this match. Tim Brown and John Bialak would win the last five holes and run away with a victory. Round two will have these winners playing Lance Lubey and Bill Blunt for the right to play for the championship.

#6 Blunt/Lubey - 3 vs #3 Nucci/Gooldy - 0
Bill Blunt and Lance Lubey would take the methodical approach in dismantling Vinny Nucci and Eric Gooldy. The playoff hopefulls never new what hit them. Starting the match at -12, the winners would win every hole with the help of birdies on holes 12 and 17. They would take the lead on hole 15 and leave their opponents in a trail of dust. Bill Blunt would take the low score honors of -1. Lance Lubey chipped in with a +2.  For Nucci and Gooldy, it was the wrong time to play like rookies. The sound of "You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille" was heard on Main Street as the match ended. it was a good year none the less. For Blunt and Lubey, this match sets up the showdown against Tim Brown and John Bialak for the right to play for all the marbles.

#5 Educate/Morton - 3 vs #4 Pecorello/Daniels - 0
Louis Educate and Rob Morton would win six of nine holes in ending the season for Joe Pecorello and Dave Daniels. As the ten stroke lead would evaporate, the match would be all square after the 16th hole. Down one with a hole to play, Joe and Dave would shoot a combined +6 to lose this match and season all in the matter of minutes. Joe and Dave played great this year to earn the lofty seed. Educate and Morton, those hockey players, also had a hell of a season. Now they move on and have the opportunity to carry the cup as champions. Niemers and Banas are on deck.

League News and Notes:
A team "total net" tournament was held and took place.

Here are the results.
1st Place - Sadallah/Tripp - 62
T2nd Place - Girmonde, Sr./Girmonde - 65
Blunt/Lubey - 65
4th Place  - DeRiso/Gorea - 69
T5th Place - Zegarelli/Berge - 70
Grabinski/Welch - 70

7th Place - Educate/Morton - 71

8th Place - Niemers/Banas - 72
T9th Place - Girmonde, Jr/Suppa - 73
Gabiger/Stern - 73
Hickel/Wallace - 73
Hayes/Cahill - 73
T13th Place - Brown/Bialak - 76
Pecorello/Daniels - 76

15th Place - Nucci/Gooldy - 80
16th Place - Kotary/D'Amico - 82


 There is some cash involved. It will be awarded at the Final Outing. Playoff participants are eligible for cash...The Skins this week were a big deal. There was $315 in the pot. There were three winners. Will Wallace on #10, Tony Suppa on #15 and Joe Girmonde (who?) on #16. The winners received $105 each...For a bunch of guys missing last week, the club house was sure noisy when some of the playoff results were made known...More of the same this week. By this time next week, we know who is playing in the final. I love this time of year... 




Week 19

#17 DeRiso/Gorea - 3 vs #19 Pecorello/Daniels - 0
This match was meaningful for one team, not so much for the other. Playoff bound Joe Pecorello and Dave Daniels were looking to rebound from last week's pasting. It didn't work as Greg Gorea took on these guys and and left with 3 points and a win. With 5 strokes in hand to start the match, Greg would never relinquish the lead. It was close after the third hole, but Greg would build that lead to six and end up winning the match by three. The loss does not change the playoff position for Joe and David. They are the fourth seed and play Bill Blunt and Lance Lubey. Kinda has a PriceChopper flair. Billy and Joey worked together for many years.

#9 Hayes/Cahill - 3 vs #3 Lubey/Blunt - 0
Russ Cahill was angry. He was angry about the story that had his team missing the playoffs. When told that it was reverse psychology, he still didn't believe that it was a ploy to make his team play better, yet his team marched into the dance with a resounding win over playoff bound Lance Lubey and Bill Blunt. The losers never had a chance as they started the match down 12 strokes. They ended up losing by 13 strokes. Not much went wrong for the winners. Lance and Bill did win 4 holes to Russ and Matt's 3 holes. The scores were very close so Lance and Bill never had a chance. This reporter firmly believes that his reverse psychology ploy is the reason for the outcome of this match and has taken full credit.

#10 Berge/Zegarelli - 3 vs #7 Stern/Cahill - 0
In a match of teams going nowhere, Shane and Ziggy would start badly and then take off in white washing the Cahill/Stern duo. Down seven after 4 holes, Ziggy would birdie #5 to start a trend of winning holes. By the end of hole 7, the winners were in the lead. Shane would be putting for an eagle from just off the 7th green. That didn't happen. But he did birdie the hole and the the rest, they say, is history. For you reading enjoyment and a reminder, Shane and Ziggy birdied holes 5 and 7 respectively.

#16 Hickel/Wallace - 3 vs #20 Nucci/Gooldy - 0
It has been reported that Vinny Nucci went on the DL with some unknown injury. Anyhow, that's what I was told and I'm sticking to the story. Rich Hickel and Will Wallace were in a fight to make the playoffs. Vinnie and Eric were already in. Rich and Will would win five of the nine holes. They pushed on the other four holes. Vinnie and Eric were skunked. It was all for naught. Will and Rich came up just short and fail to reach the promised land. A birdie on #5 for Rich also proved to be a push as there was 4 other birdies on that hole. More on that later.


#18 Niemers/Banas - 3 vs #1 Sadallah/Tripp - 0
There will not be a repeat Champion this year. John Sadallah and Dom Tripp are not in the Big Dance. While playing better this year, The Champs gave it their all but Don Niemers and Tim Banas won this match going away. The winners would win 8 of 9 holes. These guys are hot, Don and Tim. They won 8 1/2 of their final 9 points to take the top seed in the playoffs. Niemers had one of the five birdies on #5.

#13 Gabiger/Stern 2 1/2 vs #4 Manderson/Pacilio - 1/2
Wayne Manderson and Jeff Pacilio would win 6 of 9 holes and lose this match to Dave Gabiger and Howard Stern. Dave and Howard were armed with 18 strokes to start this match. It was just too much for Wayne and Jeff to overcome.  Both teams were left out in the cold and will miss the playoffs.

#11 Girmonde, Jr./Suppa - 2 1/2 vs #6 Bialak/Brown - 1/2

Dave Girmonde, Jr and Tony Suppa would win 5 of 9 holes in route to a 2 1/2 - 1/2 victory over playoff bound John Bialak and Tim Brown. After pushing the first hole, the winners would win the next three holes to give them a lead that would never be relinquished. The loss drops the losers to second place. The win elevates the winners out of last place.

#14 Kutas/Kraft - 2 vs #3 Girmonde, Sr./Girmonde - 1

This was a battle. The evenly match partners battled through out. Dave Girmonde, Sr. would birdie holes 2 and 7 in route to one of his best rounds of the year. Unfortunately his partner, Sam Girmonde, would not. Chris Kutas would do just enough to win this match. While neither team will not be in the playoffs, this was a fun match to watch.

#2 D'Amico, Jr/Timpano - 2 vs #15 Grabinski/Welch - 1
Gary Grabinski and Lee Welch had a big hole to start the game. 24 strokes down, Gary would birdie 2 of the first 5 holes. At that point, the match was only 3 strokes apart. The losers would lose and tie the next two holes to have a 4 stroke deficit. They would win 1 more hole and suffer a 1 stroke loss to Gene D'Amico, Jr and Dom Timpano.  Holding onto the eighth and final playoff spot, Gary and Lee needed another point to get in. Alas, the Fat Lady has sung.

#5 D'Amico, Sr./Kotary - 2 vs #12 Educate/Morton - 1
Already in the playoffs, Gene D'Amico and Mark Kotary  are ready for battle in the playoffs with a win over another playoff team in Louis Educate and Rob Morton. A close match through out, this was never more than a 2 stroke match. Mark Kotary birdied #6 and Louis Educate birdied #4 in this closely played match. Gene D'Amicohas enjoyed his spot as the "A" player the last couple of weeks. That all comes to an end as he resumes his position as the "B" player for the playoffs.

Some info to chew on:

The results are in. The playoffs are all set.

The teams are:

#1-Neimers/Banas, #2-Bialak/Brown, #3-Nucci/Gooldy, #4-Pecorello/Daniels, #5-Morton/Educate, #6-Lubey/Blunt, #7-Kotary/D'Amico, Sr. and #8-Hayes/Cahill.

So, 1 will play 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6 and 4 will play #5. I'm not smart enough to handicap the playoffs so I wont.

I will say that Neimers and Banas has as good a shot to win the whole shebang. Four of the playoff teams are first year teams and are 4 of the top 5 seeds.

Good luck to all...I'm sorry to report that John Sadallah and Dom Tripp have fallen from first to worst this year. My condolences...

The Final Outing is a mere 10 days away...     




Week 18


#15 Grabinski/Welch - 2 1/2 vs #13 Gabiger/Stern - 1/2
Wow, 25 strokes. Dave Gabiger would  start the day with a bunch of change in his pocket. It almost worked, but Gary and Lee would win every hole but #11. Reducing the deficit to eight with 2 holes to go, Gary and Lee would win #17 by six and #18 by 3 to take this match by one. Dave Gabiger's undoing were holes 14 and 17 where he would lose those holes by a combined score of 13 strokes.

#14 Kutas/Kraft - 3 vs #1 Sadallah/Tripp -0
Things went south very quickly here. After the #13 hole, Chris Kutas was even. Advantage Kutas/Kraft. After a stumble on hole # 14, Chris would win hole #15 with a par. John Sadallah and Dom Tripp would falter and lose the hole by 3, giving the winner a one stroke advantage. Chris would not lose another hole and won the match by a net 6 strokes. There will not be a repeat champion this year. John and Dom were seen making plans for next year after golf.

#18 Niemers/Banas - 3 vs #10 Zegarelli/Berge - 0
Don Niemers and Tim Banas continue their good play to win this match, a 3-0 win over Ziggy and Shane Berge. Things started well for Ziggy. He was up 8 after 4 holes. The next hole was his undoing where an eight took him out of the match. He would lose that hole by 7 shots. Despite a birdie on #17, Ziggy could not recover and lost this close match by 2. Tim Banas had birdies on holes 14 and 17  to reduce a disasterous score.

#5 Kotary/D'Amico 3 vs #4 Manderson/Pacilio - 0
With their backs to the wall, Mark Kotary and Gene D'Amico, Sr. win a very important match. Things started with Mark pacing the tenth tee waiting for his partner to show up. With no regard for rules, Mark continued to pace and wait. He wasn't giving up his spot, no sir. On to the match, Wayne and Jeff would lose this match on hole #11 where Gene D'Amico  would birdie the hole. Along with a par by the nervous Mark Kotary, they would win the hole by 6 strokes. That was the match right there. Wayne and Jeff could not recover. The winners move from a 3-way tie for the last playoff position to 7th place and most likely a spot in the playoffs. While the losers are on the outside looking in, Wayne and Jeff still have a shot at post season play as anything can happen. Gene birdied #11 and #17.

#20 Nucci/Gooldy - 2 1/2 vs #8 Lubey/Blunt - 1/2
Vinny Nucci and Eric Gooldy rebound this week with a big win over Lance Lubey and Bill Blunt. Armed with a bunch of strokes, the winners would hold off a very game duo. Lance and Bill would win 4 holes. Vinny and Eric would win 3 holes. There were 2 holes halved. Both teams played well. Both teams are playoff bound. Vinny and Eric are 1/2 point off the lead. Lance and Billy are 3 1/2 points from the top. The winners birdied holes 14, 15 and 18.

#12 Morton/Educate - 2 vs #16 Hickel/Wallace - 1
Before this match, both teams were in the playoff hunt. After this match, only one of these teams will make it. Rob Morton and Louis Educate would squeek out a narrow victory over Rich Hickel and Will Wallace. A mere two strokes were the difference here with both teams winning four holes each. Hole #11 was halved. The undoing of the Hickel-Wallace duo was hole #14 where they would lose the hole by 5 strokes. Birdies on holes 15 and 18 by Hickel and birdie on #16 by Educate were the highlights of this match.

#9 Hayes/Cahill - 3 vs #19 Pecorello/Daniels - 0
Joe Pecorello held the ship together while Dave Daniels was out with an injury. This week, Joe is out wih a knee injury. Dave returns to man the ship. It was close but no cigar. Matt Hayes and Russ Cahill win this tight match 3-0. Down four to start the match, the winners would win 4 of nine holes. Dave Daniels would win 3 holes. There were two pushes. The loss does not hurt Joe and Dave. They remain in 4th place and are secure in the playoffs. The win by Cahill and Hayes has them close, but I hear the Fat Lady warming up.

#6 Bialak/Brown - 2 vs #3 Girmonde, Sr/Girmonde - 1
The Killer B's against the Law Firm of Girmonde and Girmonde. This was a hard fought battle. With one stroke in their back pockets, Sam and David would maintain a lead through hole #14. Sam would help that cause with a birdie on hole 11. The first lead for the Killer B's was on hole # 15 where Tim Brown birdied the hole. There was a 2 stroke difference and it gave the winners their first lead. Hole 16 was kind to the losers as they would win the hole by 2, putting them up 1 with two holes to play. Hole 17 was not kind to Sam and Dave as the match was lost here.

#2 D'Amico, Jr/Timpano 1 1/2 vs #7 Cahill/Stern 1 1/2
Armed with 6 shots to start the game, Gene, Jr would build that to an even dozen after hole 12. With six holes to play, Peter Cahill and David Stern would reverse the trend and started to chop the strokes off the deficit. With one hole remaining and the match 2 strokes down, Peter and Dave would win the hole and tie the match.  Another kiss your sister moment. Both teams are on the outside looking in at the playoffs.

#11 Girmonde/Suppa vs #17 DeRiso/Gorea
This match was not played. It will be made up before golf next week.

News and Notes:
With one week to go, the playoff picture is clearer than it was a week ago. On top are the Killer B's, John Bialak and Tim Brown. They lead by 1/2 a point over the rookies , Vinny Nucci and Eric Gooldy. A half point behind in third place are Don Niemers and Tim Banas. The gimpy ones, Joe Pecorello and Dave Daniels are in 4th place, one point ahead of Lance Lubey and Bill Blunt. Rob Morton and Louis Educate are a half point behind. With a deficit of three points, The nervous one, Mark Kotary, and Gene D'Amico improved their standing with a big win this week. A half a point behind and in the last playoff position is Gary Grabinski and Lee Welch. Wayne Manderson and Jeff Pacilio are one point on the wrong side of the Mendoza Line. The standings might change a little, but I think that these are the guys that will be playing in the playoffs...The rains came and went quickly. It rained hard but lasted just over the course of one hole...September 5th will the last night of points. There will be a small cash paying tournament for those that didn't make it to the playoffs. More on that next week...




Week 17

#2 D'Amico, Jr/Timpano - 3 vs #16 Hickel/Wallace - 0
It doesn't seem to matter. 2 weeks ago, Gene, Jr. was out of town. Dom Timpano played by himself. He won his match without breaking sweat. Tonight, Gene, Jr. with the help of his partner ran over Rich Hickel and Will Wallace. Armed with 28 strokes, the winners were never pressed. Now, I don't know what happened on hole #7, but Rich limped home with a fat 10. The loss by the Hickel-Wallace duo drops them into a three-way tie for the last playoff spot.

#6 Bialak/Brown - 3 vs #12 Educate/Morton - 0
John Bialak and Tim Brown take over first place with a 3-0 win over Louis Educate and Rob Morton. The winners never trailed in this match. In fact, they you could throw out the handicap, and the results were the same. After hole #4, there was an eight stroke difference. After the last hole, the difference was 6. The winners have a slim 1/2 point lead on the second place team. For Educate and Morton, the loss drops them from the 4th position to sixth place and a good bet to be in the playoffs.

#15 Grabinski/Welch - 3 vs #3 Girmonde, Sr./Girmonde - 0
Gary Grabinski and Lee Welch would take on the firm of Girmonde and Girmonde. On paper it was a close match. In reality, Gary and Lee would play some timely golf in winning this match. Gary Grabinksi and Lee Welch are rounding into playoff form. For the second week in a row, a 3 point win has put them in the playoff picture. Sam and Dave, not to be confused with the musical duo, are out and looking in at the playoffs. They are 2.5 points out of the picture at this point. By the way, Gary had birdies on #2, # 3 and #5.

#8 Lubey/Blunt - 3 vs #10 Zegarelli/Berge - 0
Lance Lubey and Bill Blunt have won 8 1/2 points in the last three weeks to solidify their position for the playoffs. Today's match had Lance and Bill played solid steady golf in beating the team of Shane Berge and Nick Zegarelli, minus Shane Berge. The winners would win 6 of nine holes. A birdie on #7 by Lance Lubey would give his team a 4 shot lead with 2 to play. The final score would reflect a 5 shot lead for the winners. I do not see anything higher than a 5 on the winner's side of the score card. 

#13 Stern/Gabiger - 3 vs #5 Kotary/D'Amico, Sr. - 0
As a witness, I saw these guys tee off. Dave Gabiger piped one down the middle on #1. I had a feeling that was just the beginning of a bad day for the losers of this match. After a push on the first hole, Gene D'Amico and Mark Kotary would have a 27 stroke hole to climb out of. Well, things started to change. By the fifth hole, the deficit would be reduced to 7. With a glimmer of hope, Gene and Mark would go on to lose hole #6, push holes 7 and 8 and win the last hole to finish this match 8 down. A total dismantling of the playoff hopefuls. The uninspired play by Kotary and D'Amico has put a dim view on their playoff hopes.

#17 DeRiso/Gorea - 3 vs #20 Nucci/Gooldy - 0
Frank DeRiso and Greg Gorea had one hell of a day today. In addition to winning this match 3-0, there was 2 other cards that had to be matched today. The end result was winning 8 1/2 points of a possible  9 to put these guys close to the playoff picture. Who am I kidding. Playoffs? I dont think so. Any how, in this match, Frank and Greg would battle and reduce the deficit to even after 6 holes. A birdie by Frank would help that out. An unfortunate day for Eric Gooldy as he would play from the neighbors back yards on 3, 4 and 7. Vinny Nucci returns after several weeks of work to play as well as he could. The rust was apparent.

#7 Cahill/Stern - 2 1/2 vs #11 Girmonde, Jr./Suppa - 1/2
Dave Girmonde, Jr. missed his partner. Tony Suppa got married last Friday and was away on his honeymoon at Lake George. Dave Jr would battle all afternoon and reduce a 17 stroke lead by the winners to 4 with 1 hole remining. a birdie on #7 by Dave Jr would help the cause. With 1 hole remaining, all the winners had to do was win the last hole. Well, they almost gave it away again. Dave Stern had to make a 4 foot putt to win the match. The ball rolled around the the entire cup before settling in the bottom. No need to bring up playoff implications here as neither team is close enough to sniff.

#18 Niemers/Banas - 2 1/2 vs # 19 Pecorello/Daniels - 1/2
Stop the presses. Joe Pecorello has lost his second consecutive match. The once dominant JP is in a funk. He did play well in shooting a 41, but he ran into a buzz saw. The team of Neimers and Banas had a good week with the team mates both shooting sub 40 rounds. As far as the playoffs are concerned, both teams are in. The placement of each team depends on how well each play. Don Neimers birdied holes 2 and 6 while Tim Banas birdied #1. Joe Pecorello birdied #9. Joe almost won a bunch more points on the last hole. Down 7 going into the last hole, Joe would win the last hole by 5, almost wiping out the deficit, something he actually did just 3 weeks ago against Stern and Cahill.

#1 Sadallah/Tripp - 2 vs #9 Hayes/Cahill - 1
While the defending champs have won 5 of 6 points the past 2 weeks, it looks like they are on the outside looking in. Matt Hayes was nowhere to be seen so Russ Cahill had to go it alone. It was the wrong day for Russ Cahill. Cousin Johnny had another fine week and Dom   also played well. By the seventh hole Russ trimmed the deficit to 2 strokes. It was a game but the young guns would prevail. Both teams are out and looking to next year.

#4 Manderson/Pacilio - 1 1/2 vs #14 Kutas/Kraft - 1 1/2
No one named Kutas or Kraft played in this match. They went AWOL. The able bodied replacements played this match to a draw. The subs would win holes 3, 6, 7 and 9. Wayne and Jeff would win hole 4 and 8. There would be pushes on holes 1, 2 and hole 5. While this was a kiss your sister moment for Wayne and Jeff, it maintains their position in the elite 8 for the playoffs.

News and Notes:
All make-up matches are in. The playoff picture is much clearer. The top eight teams as of August 22nd in decending order are: Teams #6, #19, #20, #18, #8, #12, #4 and #5. The point differential from top to bottom is 8 points. While it is clearer than before, it is, by no means, clear how this will end up. Bialak and Brown have a slim 1/2 point lead over Joe Pecorello and Dave Daniels for 1st place. Joe Pecorello and Dave Daniels have a slim 1/2 point lead over the third place team, Eric Gooldy and Vinny Nucci have a one point lead over Don Niemers and Tim Banas, Lance Lubey and Bill Blunt. Alone in sixth place is Rob Morton and Louis Educate. Seventh Place belongs to Jeff Pacilio and Wayne Manderson. Bringing up the eighth slot is Mark Kotary and Gene D'Amico, Rich Hickel and Will Wallace, Gary Grabinski and Lee Welch. Two of the last three teams  will not make it to the playoffs...By the way, the final match for the league championship will take place in an 18 hole format at the final outing. The match will go out last. There is no negotiation about this. Also, for those of you that didn't pay attention, the final outing is slated for Sunday, September 23rd. at McConnellsville Golf Club. We begin tee times at 10:30. There will be lunch at the turn and a steak dinner to follow golf's completion. Awards ceremony will be after dinner...Mark Kotary and Gene D'Amico, Sr. would play a make up match with the Union Bosses, Frank DeRiso and Greg Gorea. It would not go well for Mark and Gene. Staked to a 15 stroke gift, Frank and Greg would win this match going away. The 3-0 win featured birdies by Frank on holes 15 and 17. Gene D'Amico added a birdie on hole 15. It just wasn't enough for the playoff hopefuls...The adventure continues...



Week 16




Week 15

#2 D'Amico/Timpano - 3 vs #1 Tripp Sadallah - 0
Gene D'Amico, Jr. Was away on business. Dom Timpano would have to go it alone. After all was said and done, Gene D'Amico, Jr. should stay away more often. Dom Timpano shot his best score of the year in defeating reigning champs Dom Tripp and John Sadallah. I mean, it wasn't close as Timpano lead the entire match. Dom Tripp would birdie #5 to help reduce huge deficit his team was involved with. His partner, John Sadallah would chip in for a season best 41. It was just was not enough.


#20 Nucci/Gooldy - 3 vs #3 Girmond/Girmonde, Sr. - 0
This match turned into a singles match. Both teams were missing a partner. Sam Girmonde would have to find a way to win as this match started with Sam down 10. By hole #4, that lead increased to 13. From that point, Sam would reduce that lead by chopping strokes off at a blistering pace. The lead would be just 2 after 8 holes. It was a good hard fought battle and actually ended with Eric Gooldy eeking out a 2 stroke victory.


#16 Hickel/Wallace - 3 vs #7 Cahill/Stern - 0
Rich Hickel would birdie holes 1 and 7. Will Wallace would continue his strong play. They would dismantle their opponents and win 3-0. The winners would reduce the deficit each hole but #8. #5 was a push. The losers would win hole #9. Too little and too  late. Regretably, David Stern would double hit his second shot on hole #8, resulting in a double bogey. This gave Rich Hickel a belly ache because he was laughing uncontrollably.


#10 Berge/Zegarelli - 3 vs #13 Stern/Gabiger - 0
Ziggy and the right Shane Berge walloped Dave Gabiger today under what started as humid, wet conditions. They would make quick order of this match and would take their first lead after hole #5. Shane Berge would play his best round in weeks. Ziggy had a field day, with birdies on holes 3 and7. Howard Stern was floating away in the horrible western New York downpour and did not make the trip to Utica.


#8 Lubey/Blunt - 2 1/2 vs #15 Grabinski/Welch - 1/2
Everybody picks on the pro. This week, it was Team #8 to have the pleasure. Lance Lubey and Bill Blunt had a hell of a day . Lance and Billy would take the lead after hole 7 and not look back. Lee Welch would have had a sub 40 round if not for the 8 he took on #7. Normally, there are not too many birdies on hole #9. Tonight, both Bill Blunt and Gary Grabinski accomplished the feat.


#18 Niemers/Banas 2 vs #5 Kotary/D'Amico, Sr. - 1
This was one hell of a match. Don Niemers and Tim Banas would take the lead after hole #2 and never look back. While it was close, Mark Kotary and Gene D'Amico gamely marched on but could not make up strokes. The winners are tough, playing some very timely golf.  There was a birdie fest during this match. Don Niemers birdied #3, Tim Banas birdied holes #6 and #8. Mark Kotary birdied hole #7


#12 Educate/Morton - 2 vs #11Suppa/Girmonde, Jr - 1
This match was a nail biter. This match was as even as you can get. Tony Suppa and Dave Girmonde, Jr. would be down 5 after hole #2. The winners of the match would give it all back on the next hole and the match was all square after 3 holes. This match was all square thru hole #8. It would not be a victory for Tony and Jr. They would lose the last hole to lose this match by 1 stroke. Suppa and Educate would both birdie hole #7.


#4 Manderson/Pacilio vs #19 Pecorello/Daniels
This Match was not played. It will be made up in 2 weeks.


#6 Bialak/Brown vs #17 DeRiso/Gorea
DeRiso/Gorea forfeit because no show and no call


#9 Hayes/Cahill vs #14 Kutas/Kraft
This match was not played. It will be made up in 2 weeks.


Make-Ups From the Week of July 25th
#2 D'Amico/Timpano - 3 vs #10 Berge/Zegarelli - 0
#18 Banas/Niemers - 3 vs #13 Stern/Gabiger - 0
#20 Nucci/Gooldy - 3 vs #11 Suppa/Girmonde, Jr. - 0
#1 Tripp/Sadallah - 2 1/2 vs #6 Brown/Bialak - 1/2
#5 Kotary/D'Amico - 2 1/2 vs #7 Cahill/Stern - 1/2
#15 Grabinski/Welch - 1 1/2 vs #16 Hickel/Wallace - 1 1/2


Still to play
#12 vs #19
#14 vs #17
#4 vs #8
#3 vs #9


News and Notes
Under the threat of rain, there were still some no-shows. It rained the first four holes for those that got out early. The rain was rather refreshing if you ask me. The rain clouds left us after the fifth hole. The sun came out and it got a little humid. It was still good golf weather. For those of you that didn't show because you might melt in the rain, the guys that played are still here. They didn't melt. Neither will you. Let's toughen up a little...Gene D'Amico wandering aimlessly in a back yard next to the 4th fairway last week...Dave Girmonde, Sr. feeling better after injuring his thumb in a battle with a golf cart. He requird 8 stiches to close the wound. Should be back sooner than later...I'd like to tell you that the  final outing is set for McConnellsville on Sunday September 23rd, but I cant. I dont have committment as of yet. I hope to have that any moment now. If I could just get the league secretary to work a little faster...I'd say that Tim Banas and Don Niemers are the hottest team in the league right now. But that's me...Food in the Club House once again was superb last week...Jeez, if we could just get some rain, especially when we don't play...Until next week...






Week 14

#3 Girmonde, Sr./Girmonde - 3 vs #4 Manderson/Pacilio - 0
One would think that this match would be fairly even. The end result is anything but. Even through hole #13, the Manderson/Pacilio duo would falter and be down 4. That would be the closest they would be the rest of the match. The hi-lite of this match was a birdie on #14 by Sam Girmonde. Low lites ?, well, I'd rather not say.


#11 Suppa/Girmonde, Jr - 3 vs #15 Grabinski/Welch - 0
Another match that was fairly even. Tony Suppa would take advantage of the 4 strokes he was "gifted", courtesy of resident pro Gary Grabinski. To be truthful, this wasn't close in any way, shape or form. After a birdie by Suppa on #15, the lead would be 10. Need I say more?


#16 Hickel/Wallace - 3 vs #10 Berge/Zegarelli - 0
Rich Hickel would play his best this year while his partner, Will Wallace, has made "the meltdown" a distant memory. These guys would start fast and not stop in securing a 3-0 victory over Berge/Zegarelli. By hole #12, the score was tied. Rich would birdie holes #12 and 17 as his team's lead would swell to 10 strokes. Nuff said.


#20 Nucci/Gooldy - 3 vs #6 Brown/Bialak - 0
Vinny Nucci spent the entire match in the penalty box. His partner Eric Gooldy would play this match with a man down. It didn't matter as Eric would play under his average. Mayor John Bialak had a good day with a 39, but his partner, Tim Brown, did not. The losers of this match got the difference down to 7 after the 13th hole, picking up 15 shots. That would be as close as they would get.


#12 Educate/Morton - 3 vs #14 Kutas/Kraft - 0
Louis Educate and Rob Morton had a hell of a day. Armed with new clubs and suction cups for shoes, Louis would have a very solid day. Partner Rob Morton chipped in with a solid 39 to beat an eager team of Kutas and Kraft. The winners gained strokes on every hole but hole #15. This match featured 4 birdies, 2 from each team.


#19 Pecorello/Daniels - 2 1/2 vs #7 Cahill/Stern 1/2
This one hurt for the losers. Armed with 15 shots in hand on hole #14, Team Cahill/Stern would give up 16 strokes the rest of the way to lose this match by 1. Down 7 shots with one hole to play, Joe Pecorello would birdie #18 while his opponents would shoot a combined 14. Playing by himself, the birdie would give him an eight shot advantage to finish the match. This must be the biggest comeback ever in this league.


#17 DeRiso/Gorea 2 1/2 vs #9 Hayes/Cahill - 1/2
Frank DeRiso and Greg Gorea celebrate a rainless Wednesday by defeating the duo of Matt Hayes and Russ Cahill.  Matt and Russ couldn't get untracked and trailed the entire match. Matt's day was atypical and not one of his best days. Russ had a decent day with a 42. The day belonged to the Union Label as Frank and Greg pressured the losers all match.


#18 Banas/Niemers 2 1/2 vs #8 Blunt/Lubey 1/2
Tim Banas is a silent assassin. He shoots low scores after low scores, yet you never hear about him. He continues his strong play with his partner Don Niemers. Bill Blunt had a day from hell, shooting a 44. Lance had a good day with a 37, but it wasn't enough. Four birdies in this match. Lance with birdies on #'s 13 and #15. Tim Banas birdied #16 and #17.


#5 Kotary/D'Amico 1 1/2 vs #2 D'Amico, Jr/Timpano - 1 1/2
It looks a though the combatants decided to not play and post a tie. It was father against son. Neither had a partner, so it's plausible that the match never happened. If you are keeping score, Sr. was down the entire match, winning the last hole to halve the match. Not much here, but it was very quiet in the club house without D'Amico Sr. this week. 


#1 Sadallah/Tripp vs #13 Stern/Gabiger
John Sadallah is a busy man. couldn't play for the second week in a row.

My guess, the rain was threatening. Anyhow, this will be made up in 2 weeks.


News and Notes:

Under the threat of rain, the night went on with nary a drop. Almost everyone showed up. A much better turnout than last week. Speaking of last week, more than half the league did not show up because the weather report was not to their liking. The reason golf was canceled last week was not because of the threat of rain, it was canceled because golfers in this league took it on their own to decide not to show up. This is wrong. We have a league rule that states that you show up regardless of the weather. Then, WE DECIDE AS A LEAGUE TO CANCEL OR NOT. In all my years in this league, I have never called golf because we didn't have enough guys to play. So the next time you dont want to show up because it might rain, SHOW UP!... Before golf last week, on the practice green, there was a gentleman by the name of Drew Carey putting. No lie. I didn't know he played golf...Teugeca is out for the Final Outing. They do not want to give up their Sundays to strangers, even the end of September. On tap, McConnellsville. They will have us, and for the right price. Until Next week...



Week 13



Week 12

#18 Niemers/Banas - 3 vs #20 Nucci/Gooldy - 0
Don Niemers and Tim Banas continue their hot streak with their third consecutive 3-0 win over Vinny Nucci and Eric Gooldy. By the third hole, the winners were firmly in command. Their two stroke lead would balloon to ten by the time this gig was over. A birdie on # 16 by Niemers would be the high light of the match.

#15 Grabinski/Welch - 3 vs #4 Manderson/Pacilio - 0
Wayne Manderson and Jeff Pacilio would fight an uphill battle the whole day. It didn't work out as Gary Grabinski would shoot -1 for the day. Add a stroke he was getting, it was tough for the losers of this match. By the 5th hole, the lead was 7 for the winners. A birdie on #16 by Wayne Manderson would only delay the envitable here. The fall from the top is getting louder for Team 4 as they have dropped 8 1/2 of their last 9 points. My apologies to Lee Welch as I didn't mention him in this recap.

#19 Pecorello/Daniels - 3 vs #1 Tripp/Sadallah - 0
The management of Team #1 has put it's members on notice. Turn the season around or face the consequences. The defending champs have won one point the last three weeks and have fallen into the abyss. The winners, Joe Pecorello and Dave Daniels, would even the score by the fifth hole. By the time it was over, the lead would be 10 for the winners.

#5 Kotary/D'Amico - 3 vs #14 Kutas/Kraft - 0
Markk Kotary and Gene D'Amico would grab a lead and never let go. Their opponents, Chris Kutas and Ross Kraft, were a tough match.  The winners were coming off a drubbing the week before. Gene D'Amico, Sr. rebounded with a score 6 shots better than the week before, much to the relief of Mark Kotary. With 7 weeks to go, Mark and Gene are 7 points from the top.

#11 Girmonde, Jr/Suppa - 3 vs #8 Blunt/Lubey - 0
How do a couple of guys of their caliber get strokes? The easy answer is sandbagging. The real answer is somewhere in between sandbagging and, well, sandbagging. The gross score has a difference of 1 stroke, 81-82, in favor of the winners. Add the six strokes they were getting and what you have is adding insult to injury. Of course, it wasn't all them. Bill Blunt suffered through the worst putting episodes of his career. A four putt on #12 was the low light of his day.

#6 Brown/Bialak - 3 vs #13 Stern/Gabiger - 0
Team Brown/Bialak continue their strong play and pace the league with 25 1/2 wins to date. Their dominance was apparent in mashing team Stern/Gabiger. By hole # 14, the match was all square. That's when the Killer B's stepped on the gas. They would go on to win by 17. This match featured not only golf, but a marathon oral confrontation between Gabby and Brownie. Their skills were front and center and quite frankly, this match was a draw.

#7 Cahill/Stern - 2 1/2 vs #12 Educate/Morton - 1/2
Cahill and Stern were still suffering from a melt down to end up tying their match last week. When their opponents hit their tee shots, the winners of this match thought that their fortunes were disappearing quickly. Nothing could be further from the truth. The old guys managed to grind out a 2 1/2 point win. Rob Morton would birdie #14 after he just missed getting home in two. A birdie on #15 by Cahill gave his team a 12 shot lead with 3 holes remaining.

#2 D'Amico, Jr/Timpano - 2 vs #17 DeRiso/Gorea - 1
Frank DeRiso MIA, Greg Gorea Jr. filled in once again. After chipping 5 strokes from their opponents lead. The next 4 holes were a push, leaving them 8 down with 3 holes to go. D'Amico Jr and Mr Timpano would hold on to win this match 2-1. With Dominick Timpano improving on a weekly basis, there is no place to go but up.

#16 Hickel/Wallace-2 vs #3 Girmonde,Sr./Girmonde-1
Will Wallace would rebound from a meltdown from the week before and his partner Rich Hickel would win a match from the team of Girmonde and Girmonde. The gross total for this match had Dave and Sam up in the end, 81-82. Start subtracting strokes and you get a different picture. Take 2 away from Sam and Dave. Take 7 strokes off Richie and Will''s total and you get  a 4 shot victory. No one should have lost this match.

#9 Hayes/Cahill-1 1/2 vs #10 Berge/Zegarelli - 1 1/2
Hayes and Cahill would halve another match. Shane Berge, Sr. filled in for Ziggy and the match was on. After starting the match at -4,  Matt Hayes and Russ Cahill would pare the lead to nothing after hole #12. The Berge's would build the lead back up to 3 with 1 hole remaining. This is where Matty and Russ displayed their late game magic. They would win the last hole by 3 to tie the match.

News and Notes

Where do I begin?...35 league members participated in the weekly skins match. That's 35 of 40 members and subs, or 87%. That's incredible. Other leagues should take note. Perhaps the remaining 5 guys should think about that...In the season long skins game, the back side is done, unless we have a hole-in-one or eagle happen somewhere. On the front side, Holes #4 is a skin by Mark Kotary and Hole #7 is a skin by Sam Girmonde. So collectively, you guys have your work cut out for yourselves...On the rain-out card matching front, here is what happened. #16 Hickel/Wallace - 3 vs #1 Tripp/Sadallah - 0, #15 Grabinski/Welch - 2 vs #17 DeRiso/Gorea - 1, #18 Niemers/Banas - 3vs #14 Kutas/Kraft - 0, #12 Educate/Morton - 2 vs #20 Nucci/Gooldy - 1, #19 Pecorello/Daniels - 3 vs #13 Stern/Gabiger - 0, #2 Kotary/D'Amico - 2 vs #11 Girmonde, Jr/Suppa - 1, #10 Zegarelli/Berge - #2 vs #3Girmonde, Sr/Girmonde - 1, #9 Hayes/Cahill - 3 vs #4 Manderson/Pacilio - 0, #5 Kotary/D'Amico, Sr - 3 vs #8 Lubey/Blunt - 0, #6 Brown/Bialak - 2 vs #7 Cahill/Stern - 1...Now, I'm not one to start rumors, and I dont want to be in the middle, but I heard a conversation last week regarding golfers in this league. As the discussion escalated into a heated bruhaha, the only name mentioned as being a pro was Wayne Manderson...Louis Educate on #14 standing over his second shot, took a mighty swing and connected on a marvelous shot. Too bad he missed it. He slipped and fell flat on his face and ate dirt. To add insult to injury, he hit the ball too far as it rolled through the 15th tee and out of bounds...Will Wallace rebounds from a week from hell to improve his score by 17 big ones...Tony Suppa has won the closest to the pin on #15 this past week. That's 80 large in Gary Dollars...Until next week...




Week 11

#13 Gabiger/Stern vs #3 Girmonde Sr./Girmonde - 0
A combination of circumstances had a play in this match. Howard Stern played today's match featuring several new clubs in his bag. Sam Girmonde play his round with what looked like a severe hangover. Dave Girmonde Sr. still struggling with his lost luggage on his trip to Ohio. Gabiger was just Gabiger. Now that you have the drama that had bearing on the match, on to the match. After a couple of wayward tee shots on hole #2 by Sam Girmonde, you could see where this match was going for his team. Comparable trouble on #4 pretty much sealed the fate of team #3. Stern and Gabiger would play under their averages. Geez, I'm growing tired of this recap. On to the next match...


#15 Grabinski/Welch - 3 vs #20 Nucci/Gooldy - 0
Gary hasn't played golf in 3 weeks, except for a little practice in the range yesterday. Gary would go on to shoot -1 for his round. Nucci and Gooldy knew they were in trouble after Gary's birdie on the first hole. By hole #4, the winners were up a net 3 for the match. by the end, they would add another 10 to their lead. Nucci and Gooldy picked the wrong week to take a dive. This was the second drubbing in a row for the new guys after a stellar beginning to their inaugural season.


#18 Niemers/Banas - 3 vs #17 DeRiso/Gorea - 0
Frank DeRiso was unavailable for golf today. Frank Gorea Jr. filled in. A third guy could have helped, but the outcome most likely would have been the same. By hole #7, the winners were in the lead. Don Niemer's score card was a better Cribbage hand than a golf score, but did the job. Tim Banas birdied #6 to win a skin. While the winners might be small in stature, they pack a wallop.


#14 Kutas/Kraft - 3 vs #2 D'Amico/Timpano - 0
Kutas and Kraft celebrated their play together with a white wash over D'Amico Jr. and Mr. Timpano. The winners would both play under their averages, The losers could not say the same. Young D'Amico looked a little ragged as he played 18 holes earlier in the day. 27 holes in one day is a little much. Just ask Mr. Bill Blunt. Seven 4's a three and a 5 adds up to a very fine score for Chris Kutas. Ross Kraft's 41 wasn't too shabby either.


#11 Girmonde Jr./Suppa - 2 1/2 vs #5 Kotary/D'Amico - 1/2
This was supposed to be the feature match of the week. On paper, this match was about as even as you could ask for. In reality, it was anything but. Mark Kotary would birdie #1, but could not sustain. Double bogies on #4 and #5 were Mark's undoing. He also got no help from his partner. Enough said there.


#8 Lubey/Blunt - 2 1/2 vs #1 Tripp/Sadallah - 1/2
In a late push to get named for the All Star team, Bill Blunt would shoot a season best 34 to lead his team to victory over the reigning league champs.  Dom Tripp and John Sadallah would lead the entire match and most likely, would have beaten anyone else on this day. Blunt's stellar performance was enhanced by Lance Lubey's 39. What a day, what a day.


#12 Educate/Morton - 2 1/2 vs #4 Manderson/Pacilio - 1/2
Rob Morton and a sub, lets call him Brian, fought a hard battle against Wayne Manderson and Jeff Pacilo. Wayne and Jeff would build a 3 shot lead through 7 holes. Wayne would birdie holes #4 and #7 along the way. Suddenly, Wayne and Jeff would be whistled for offsides. They would both shoot double bogies on #8 as their opponents would each par the hole. The 4 shot swing gave the winners a 1 shot lead going into hole #9. They would win the last hole 9-11 to make the final score a 3 shot win.


#16 Hickel/Wallace 2 vs #19 Pecorello/Daniels - 1
While Rich and Will would hold a lead throughout the match, Joe's partner, Dave Daniels, would go AWOL and played alone. Joe would pare a stroke or two on most of the holes, only to come up short at the end. The winners would win despite Rich Hickel's partner, Will Wallace, would blow a core on #7. More on that later.

#6 Brown/Bialak - 2 vs #10 Zegarelli/Berge - 1
Marshall Law has been lifted in New York Mills as Mayor John Bialak and his partner, Tim Brown, rebound to victory this week. John and Tim would reduce the lead to 1 for Shane and Ziggy after hole 8. This is where the wheels fell off for Shane and Ziggy. They would lose the last hole by 4 and lose the match by a net 3. A birdie by John Bialak on #3 sealed the fate of the loser of this match. 


#7 Cahill/Stern - 1 1/2 vs #9 Hayes/Cahill 1 1/2
Here was a fun match. Matt Hayes and Russ Cahill would erase a nine stroke deficit on the last hole to halve this match with Peter Cahill and David Stern. Matt Hayes was en fuego today shooting a 38 featuring a birdie on hole #5. The frantic comeback would start on hole #5. . If this match went on any further, the outcome most likely would have been different.


News and Notes:
The matches today were played under blue skies and comfortable tempuratures. It was the nicest day of the season to date...Twin Ponds is browning quickly. The fairways and greens are hard. We need rain quickly and lots of it...In the "Blow a Core" department, league member, Will Wallace, had a meltdown on hole #7, reports cub reporter, Rich Hickel. Will teed off on #7 and hit his tee shot through #5, and out of bounds. As Richie puts it, Will attempted to beat his tee to a pulp, with his driver, missing several times before giving up. Golf Tee 1, Will Wallace 0. Will Wallace, the clear leader to win The "Blow a Core" golfer of the Year...The Twin Ponds Golf Classic has eleven Hockey players on its' roster. They are Vinny Nuccio, Eric Gooldy, Russ Cahill, Matt Hayes, Nick Zegarelli, Louis Educate, Rob Morton, Dave Girmonde, Jr., Ross Kraft, Will Wallace and Mark Kotary. Not a goalie in the bunch. Former league member, Kurt Albright, played a little goalie in the adult leagues in the area. Are there any coaches out there to lead this bunch?...The closest to the pin this week, on #15, will be worth $80 Gary Dollars...I like the Tee on #9 in the back, don't you?...There were 13 birdies in the league last week, resulting into 2 skins worth $85.00 each...Until next week




Week 10 - Rained Out


Week 9


#9 Hayes/Cahill -3 vs #16 Hickel/Wallace - 0
A clean sweep for Matt Hayes and Russ Cahill. While this was a semi- close match,

Rich Hickel and Will Wallace couldn't get a break if their lives depended on it.

They would fall short. Matty and Russ would win 4 of the 9 holes and push on 2 more holes

while Rich and Will would win 3 holes. Nothing real special here.


#8 Lubey/Blunt - 3 vs #17 DeRiso/Gorea - 0
Lance Lubey and Bill Blunt would apply the pressure from the word go.

The match would be all square after 5 holes. Frank DeRiso and Greg Gorea would have their hands full

and come up empty in trying to stop the leaks. It was no use as Lance and Bill would win this one going away.

A golf ball change by Bill Blunt before golf seemed to work. His contract with Flying Eagle Golf Ball Company

ended this past weekend. He signed with Callaway just today and used the Chrome Soft golf ball with tremendous results.


#4 Manderson/Pacilio - 3 vs #2 D'Amico, Jr./Timpano - 0
Wanye Manderson and Jeff Pacilio win this match against an eager but overmatched

new comer to golf in Dom Timpano. Wayne and Jeff kept the pedal to the floor as they went ahead in this

match on the fifth hole. Birdies on holes #1 and #4 didn't hurt the cause. This thrashing was text book.


#10 Berge/Zegarelli - 2 1/2 vs #15 Grabinski/Welch - 1/2
What started as what seemed to be a bad day for Shane Berge and Nick Zegarelli,

turned into laugher for them. Gary Grabinski and Lee Welch turned sad starting on hole #4 where Shane had a birdie.

Sadness turned to tears by the time we reached hole #9 as the winners would win the last hole by 3 strokes.

In reality, Shane and Ziggy never needed the strokes.

("Yes, they did need the strokes", said Gary Grabinski. "They would only have gotten 2 pts without them" )


#1 Tripp/Sadallah - 2 1/2 vs #3 Girmonde/Girmonde - 1/2
Reigning Champs, Dom Tripp and John Sadallah are rounding into championship form.

These guys would shoot a gross 93 and a net 78 to defeat the Girmonde duo.

Girmonde and Girmonde would whittle the lead from 20 strokes to 2 with only #9 remaining.

The best they could do was to half the hole. Dave Girmonde Sr. announced his retirement

from golf effective...more on this another time.


#5 Kotary/D'Amico - 2 1/2 vs #20 Nucci/Gooldy - 1/2
After much deliberation, arguments and plain nasty, Mark Kotary would win this match without the benefit of his partner.

Gene D'Amico, Sr., still suffering from shock from the previous week's debacle, did not play.

The arguments began when Mark complained that the 2 league officers were holding him back.

It was something about the scoring of his card. His eyes bugged out when he found that his win was reduced to a tie.

He would have nothing to do with that. Turned out he was right much to the dismay of the officers, let alone the entire league.

So, after one giant tantrum, the score stands. The loss for Nucci and Gooldy slows their momentum in their rise to the top.


#19 Pecorello/Daniels - 2 vs #6 Bialak/Brown
Joe Pecorello and Dave Daniels would celebrate the announcement of Tim Brown's permanent placement on John Bialak's team.

They celebrated by beating the NY Mills duo. Joe would shoot a 39 and his partner shot a 44. With the strokes, the net score was 79.

That was just enough to win despite newbie Tim Brown's 37. Mayor John Bialak announced a tax hike for the

village residents of New York Mills after losing his match.


#12 Educate/Morton vs #13 Gabiger/Stern

#11 Girmonde, Jr./Suppa vs #14 Kutas/Kraft
Both of these matches will be made up in 2 weeks.


News and Notes:
Lets get this out of the way. Tim Brown won the only skin last week winning $135. Good for him...Mark Kotary's tantrum last week proves that Gene D'Amico can not take the week off...Howard Stern and Dave Gabiger played as a team for the first time this year...The Chicken Casadia served last week was just delicious. The salsa was award worthy. The Meatball sub was great too...Gary Grabinski's car turned up missing late last week, news at 11...This week marks the half-way point in the season. My how time flys...Those of you that haven't paid your dues, please do so as soon as possble...While the course is in good shape, we still need rain...Is Brooks Koepka the next big this in the PGA?...Phil Mickleson's antics last week proved that the U.S.G.A. is afraid of him. Almost anyone else, they would be gone. In reality, what the U.S.G.A. did with the course to make it play tougher was no better than what Phil Mickelson did in putting a moving ball. What penalties did they get? Then again, with the two million dollar first prize, I don't hear Brooks Koepka complaining...I saw a double bogey on our pro's scorecard last week, honest...Until next week...






Week 8


#4 Manderson/Pacilio - 3 vs #20 Nucci/Gooldy - 0
Gentleman golfer Wayne Manderson and his side kick Jeff Pacilio win this matchup going away.

The match was all square after 5 holes. League leaders Nucci and Gooldy had a rough day and never seemed to be in this match.

These guys finished just before the skies opened up.

#19 Pecorello/Daniels - 3 vs #5 Kotary/D'Amico, Sr. - 0
Gene D'Amico played as a single against Joe Pecorello and Dave Daniels. Mark Kotary couldn't be here and the damage was done.

Gene played like a toilet and never got untracked. Joe Pecorello shoots his second 40 in 2 weeks.

Dave Daniels chipped in with a score under his average. With shock like symptoms, Gene D'Amico left quickly after this match.

#6 Bialak/Brown - 3 vs #18 Niemers/Banas - 0
Well, it's official. Tim Brown is a regular.

The mayor was informed today that his partner, Rich Joseph, will not be playing this year due to knee replacement surgery.

Enter Tim Brown. Tim celebrates the announcement of being a regular by shooting his best round of the year.

The Mayor chipped in with a nice 39. While Don Niemers continues his excellent play, it wasn't enough.

Tim Banas also shot a decent round but you can't win 'em all.

#15 Grabinski/Welch - 3 vs #9 Cahill/Hayes - 0
Gary Grabinski and Lee Welch rebound this week to beat Russ Cahill minus his partner.

The match hinged on hole #14 where Russ saw his life flash before his eyes in holing out for a 10. 

Hole 16 wasn't much help either as a triple bogey took all hope away for any points.

Other than these two holes, it would have beeen a close match, perhaps going the other way.
#2 D'Amico, Jr./Timpano - 3 vs Girmonde/Girmonde - 0
The number 28 looms large in this match. The law firm of Girmonde and Girmonde were 28 strokes in the hole to start this match.

That would be too much to overcome as misters D'Amico Jr. and Timpano would hold on to beat the Girmonde duo.

It has been a tough couple of weeks for the Girmonde duo.

#10 Berge/Zegarelli - 3 vs #14 Kutas/Kraft - 0
Shane Berge and Nick Zegarelli win an easy one. You see, there was a problem with the other guys.

Chris Kutas and Ross Kraft couldn't make it. They secured some subs. The problem here was the subs never showed.

Look, If you aren't going to play, make damn sure that your subs do, or the result will be like the above.

 #12 Educate/Morton - 2 vs #1 Tripp/Sadallah - 1
The new guys teach the reigning champs a lesson. The winners whittled away the strokes with solid play and were tied by hole #15.

It was downhill for the champs from the word go. Louis Educate and Rob Morton both played well through out the match as they would win 7 of 9 holes.

John Sadallah played well in the loss to secure a point.

#7 Cahill/Stern - 2 vs #17 DeRiso/Gorea - 1
Peter Cahill and Dave Stern did enough to hold off Frank DeRiso and Greg Gorea, and win the match 2-1.

Frank and Greg were unable to sustain anything and couldn't catch up. Four holes were halved, 3 holes won by the winners and 2 hole won by the losers.

The bad weather stayed away long enough to have the match finish under sunny skies and humid weather.

#8 Lubey/Blunt - 2 vs #16 Hickel/Wallace - 1
Lance Lubey and Bill Blunt maintain solid play and beat Rick Hickel and Will Wallace, 2-1.Will Wallace picked a bad time to be mediocre.

Rich Hickel birdied holes #11 and #18. Bill Blunt birdied #16. Lance and Bill went from 2 down to 6 up on hole #17 as Rich took an

uncharacteristic 7 as Will wrote an "other" on the scorecard. That was the ballgame right there.
 #13 Gabiger/Stern - 2 vs #11 Girmonde/Suppa - 1
Howard Stern again played by himself. He played Dave Girmonde, Jr and Tony Suppa.

Giving up 25 strokes, Jr and Suppa would wipe out strokes ay a feverous pace and unfortunately,

would come up just short. I wonder if Howard has ever met his partner Dave Gabiger?

News and Notes:
Ok guys. We will now have a remedial class on how to score the scorecard. Next to your name on the score card is a number. That is your handicap. The number next to your opponent's name on the scorecard is also his handicap. The person with the higher handicap gets the difference of the two.  That number is the number you see in red, to the right, under the column tagged "Diff. in Ave." That is the number you will subtract to get the net score for the people that are
getting strokes. Do not subtract your handicap from your score. It doesn't work that way. Remember... the person or people with the RED numbers are the ones getting strokes taken off their scores to get the net result. If you have problem with this, Gary or I will help you overcome your fears in using the scorecard...The rains came last week as the last group finished. We needed the rain...2 rounds in at the U.S.Open and my prediction looks good. Dustin Johnson is in the lead with 2 rounds to go. My other kind of prediction is off, but he made the cut. Phil Mickelson is in at +6. 2 rounds to go, the lead is 10 strokes. Anything can happen at the Open...Not much else going on here...Until next week...



Week 7

#1 Tripp/Sadallah - 3 vs #5 Kotary/D'Amico Sr. -0
Dom Tripp and John Sadallah pick a good week to find their game as they whup Gene D'Amico and Mark Kotary . Dom was five strokes under his average and John was 11 strokes better than his average. Add the 28 strokes they were getting well, you get the idea. No need to embellish, or do we?

#20 Nucci/Gooldy - 3 vs #9 Cahill/Hayes - 0
Vinny Nucci and Eric Gooldy continue their fine play in winning their match over Russ Cahill and Matt Hayes. As Russ and Matt were winning six of nine holes, the winners stayed in the game as the gross total was the same at the end. The net total was a very different ball game. Not much else to say here.

#18 Niemers/Banas - 3 vs #11 Girmonde/Suppa - 0
Don Niemers rebounded from a horrid start the week before and his partner, Tim Banas, shoots his best round of the year. This adds up to an ass whipping for Dave Girmonde Jr. and Tony Suppa. Niemers held a narrow one stroke lead thru hole #5. Tim Banas had a two stroke lead over Suppa after hole #5. Tony Suppa would soon be all square with Tim Banas as he would win the next 2 holes. But thats where this match ended as Niemers would birdie holes six and seven.  

#19 Pecorello/Daniels - 3 vs #10 Berge/Zegarelli - 0
Joe Pecorello and Dave Daniels both shot under average as they win a close match over Shane Berge and Nick Zegarelli. While the outcome was a whitewash, the scores were close.  Joe played Shane and won by a stroke. Dave played Nick and won by a net 1.

#7 Cahill/Stern -2 1/2 vs #3 Girmonde/Girmonde - 1/2
On paper, this should have been a wash out. On the course, it was a different story. Peter Cahill and Dave Stern did just enough to win this match. Starting out , being 18 down, Sam and Dave cut the defecit by half after 4 holes. They would be 4 down going into the last hole. Winning 3 on the last hole was kind of a kiss your sister moment.

#8 Lubey/Blunt - 2 1/2 vs #2 Damico Jr./Timpano - 1/2
Standing on the first tee, Lance Lubey and Bill Blunt were staring at a 28 stroke defecit in the face. Petience is a virtue as they would cut that defecit on every hole in beating D'Amico Jr. and Dom Timpano. The lead by the losers would be sliced in half and then some after 5 holes. By the end, The final outcome was in favor of the winners by 3 shots. For D'Amico and Timpano, Mama said there would be days like this.
#4 Manderson/Pacilio - 2 vs #6 Bialak/Brown - 1
Here's a close match. Wayne Manderson shoots 1 under his average in leading his team to victory. Wayne and Jeff would take a lead on the first hole and never relinquish the lead. Holes 1 and 4 were not kind to John Bialik as they ruined a solid round. Tim Brown rebounds to play better this week.  By the way, is Tim Brown a regular?

#16 Hickel/Wallace - 2 vs #13 Gabiger/Stern - 1
Rich Hickel continues to rebound from early season woes as he shoots a sub 40 round. That score offsets a bad day from partner Will Wallace.  Dave Gabiger, once again, played by himself as his partner was on the shelf due to an injury. This match was all square after 5 holes. The winners never looked back from that point. Rumor has Team #13 having both members present for week 8.

#14 Kutas/Kraft - 2 vs #15 Grabinski/Welch - 1
With the team Special K unavailable to play this match, league alumni, Emmett Sweeney and his son filled in and won this match. They stayed in the game through out and when it came time to add the scores, Team Sweeney came out on top with a 2-1 victory. Three uncharacteristic bogies by the head pro doomed his team. Rumor has Team Special K renting Team Sweeney for the remainder of the year.

#12 Educate/Morton vs #17 DeRiso/Gorea
This match will be made up in two weeks.
Notes to dwell on:
This past week played under perfect weather conditions... I must commend those of you that get in the skins game every week. You represent roughly 78% of the league. That's a nice number. Skins have averaged in the neighborhood of $35 or more weekly. A good return on your $5.00 investment...Still no word on the final outing...Comeback "B" Player of the Year voting begins Week 11. Cast your ballot on line at predictions for the U.S. Open. Wouldn't it be nice if Phil Mickleson won this year's U.S. Open? If you don't remember, he finished 2nd to Retief Goosen in 2004. That was the year that the greens were so hard, the golf balls were rolling off, sometimes, into the sand traps. They had to water down the greens during the last round...By the way and correct me if I'm wrong, but a U.S. Open win for Phil would give him a career Grand Slam in the majors...Thank Gary Grabinski for doing a fine job on the stats each week...Until next week...



Week 6 Recaps

#20 Nucci/Gooldy -  3 vs #14 Kutas/Kraft - 0
This was one of those days where you should just stay home and mow the lawn. Kutas and Kraft never had a chance as the new guys, cigar smoking Vinny Nucci and his partner Eric Gooldy earned a shutout win. Vinny Nucci had a net 32 and Eric Gooldy had a net 35. Say no more.
#12 Educate/Morton - 3 vs #3 Girmonde/Girmonde - 0
New guys Louis and Rob educate veterans Sam and Dave. This match was close through out as Louis and Rob won holes 11, 12, 15 and 17. Sam and Dave won holes 10 and 13. The opponents halved 14, 16 and 18. Close but no cigar...

#13 Gabiger/Stern - 3 vs #2 D'Amico Jr./Timpano - 0
Nice to see some one from Team 13 participate in a match. Gabiger had to go it alone as his partner, the other Stern was in Hilton Head preparing for his son's pending Nuptuals. He wasn't needed as Gabby had no problem with Gene and Dom. Gabby won holes 11, 14, 15 and 18 while Gene Jr. and Dom won hole 10. They halved 12, 13 and 16.

#16 Wallace/Hickel - 2 1/2 vs #18 Niemers and Banas - 1/2
Rich Hickel has broken from his early season funk to help propel his team to victory over Neimers and Banas. It was close as each team won three holes. Hickel and Wallace won holes 10, 15 and 16. Neimers and Banas won holes 11, 14 and 17. They halved holes 12, 13 and 18. Thank God for strokes.

#4 Manderson/Pacilio - 2 1/2 vs #11 Suppa/Girmonde - 1/2
Team Manderson and Pacilio won the most anticipated match of the day. They won holes 11, 15 and 17. Suppa and Girmonde won holes 10 and 14. They halved 12, 13, 16 and 18. Strokes didn't mean much here.

#8 Blunt/Lubey - 2 vs #7 Cahill/Stern - 1
While the final outcome was close, the match was anything but. The winners won every hole but 13 where they halved the hole. The only damnit Lance noises coming from someone in this match was at the end from Stern as Lance walked away.

#5 D'Amico/Kotary - 2 vs #10 Berge/Zegarelli - 1
Gene and Mark win eight of nine holes to win this match. A birdie on #15 by Kotary put an exclaimation point on this victory.  Mark Kotary shoots a 36 here clearly making hin the front runner for "Comeback B Player of the Year."

#9 Cahill/Hayes - 2 vs #6 Bialak/Brown - 1
The other Cahill and his partner Matt Hayes beat the Mayor and Brownie in a very close match. The winners won 4 holes, the losers win 3 holes. 2 holes were halved. On the "A" side, the his Honor squeeks by for his team's only point. On the flip side, Matt Hayes had a good day. His opponent, Tim Brown, unfortunately did not. Win some, lose some.

#19 Pecorello/Daniels - 2 vs #15 Grabinski/Welch - 1
Gary Grabinski and Lee Welch win 5 holes and lose the match to Joe Pecorello and Dave Daniels. Three birdies and even par by the pro wasn't good enough as Joe Pecorello shoots a net 31 to win a point. Lee Welch squeeks by Dave Daniels for his team's only point.

#1 Tripp/Sadallah vs #17 DeRiso/Gorea
This match will be made up in a couple of weeks.

Notes to dwell on:
We are waiting to hear from Teugega Country Club for their ok to play our final outing there.  I ask, who wouldn't want us?...League player, the "Good Stern" not only married off his last son a couple of weeks ago, he gained a couple of grand kids as son #3 and his wife had twins on May 31st. See Howard for cigars...Nice to see SAND in the traps again...I don't know about you, but I think the food has been outstanding after golf this year...Be kind to Mark Kotary. He is currently suffering from back issues. I thought you might want to know...After this week's six stroke victory, Dustin Johnson is the clear favorite in this week's U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills Golf Club. Because I am universally liked by most people in the league, I didn't pick Tiger Woods. I like my standing as it is...I saw a sign in Dick's Sporting Goods window letting people know that they meet or beat Gary's Golf Shop prices every day. Just sayin...I'm gonna catch hell for this, but we should turn a Wednesday night in August into a Stag Party for Tony Suppa...Matt Hayes is a proud father of new daughter, 7 1/2lb. Madeline Hayes born recently...This coming week is Week 8. The season is almost half over. It's going fast...If you haven't paid your dues, Gary is waiting patiently for a little while longer. Remenber, non members - $340.00, Club Members (full membership), $150.00...Skins for May 30 are Gary Grabinski (2), Eric Gooldy and Dave Girmonde, Sr. Their take was $37.50 for each skin...Until next week