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In memory of our "Commish" David Stern

Wednesday Night @ Twin Ponds Golf & Country Club

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Weekly News Letter 2019

Welcome to TPGCWNL.

We will review scores from the previous week and offer tid bits

of almost anything that's fit, or not fit to print.

If any of you would like to share anything of interest, and I mean anything,

feel free to let me know so we can get it to print.

On with the recaps.


Week 20

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Week 18

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Week 17

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Week 16

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Week 15

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Week 14

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Week 5

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Week 1 & 2 rained out

Week 3

#5 Blunt/Lubey - 3 vs #8 Hickel/Wallace - 0
Bill Blunt and Lance Lubey begin the year in fine fashion. The winners would win five of nine holes while having hole #11. An uncharacteristic triple bogey by the "League's Best Golfer" on #15 added insult to injury. Not much else to say here. It was a full throttle ass whuppin.

#16 Sadallah/Tripp - 2 1/2 vs #1 Brown/Bialak - 1/2
Tim Brown and John Bialak begin their defense as League champs in rather dubious fashion. Dom Tripp, sans partner John Sadallah, would grind out a 2 1/2 - 1/2 point win over the champs. This match was close from the beginning. the winners would win but two holes. The losers would win three holes. The opponents would halve four holes. While it really doesn't matter who wins the individual holes, it makes good copy.

#4 Pecorello/Daniels - 2 1/2 vs #9 Grabinski/Welch - 1/2
Joe Pecorello would start the year in dubious fashion. He would chunk his tee shot and end the hole with a seven. After a stern talking to, to himself, Joe would go on the win five of the next seven holes to beat Gary Grabinski and Lee Welch. Joe would go on to tie the pro and beat the pro's partner for the final score. By the way, Dave Daniels was a no show.

#6 D'Amico Sr./D'Amico Jr. - 2 vs #7 Seward/Cahill - 1
We spoke with Gene D'Amico Sr. mid March to learn of his plans for the up comming season. Relieved that his partner of the past few years, Mark Kotary, would not be returning, He was on a mission to find that replacement player. Trump said no, Hunter said no. Even his son's old partner said no. What was Gene to do? He paid his son an indecent amount of money to play with him. Anyhow, the end result was a win for the firm of D'Amico and D'Amico over new comer Bob Seward and partner Russ Cahill.

#11 Berge/Zegarelli - 2 vs #2 Niemec/Banas - 1
Shane Berge and Nick Zegarelli would celebrate the first playable day of golf with a 2-1 win over Don Niemec and Tim Banas. The losers would win four of the nine holes. The winners would win two holes. There were 3 pushes and a bunch of beers in this closely contested match. 

#3 Nucci/Gooldy - 2 vs #10 Manderson/Pacilio - 1
Vinny Nucci and Eric Gooldy begin the year in fine fashion. They would win two of nine holes en route to a 2 - 1 victory over the Manderson/Pacilio duo. The losers would win the first three holes, push the next two holes. The winners would win two of the next four holes with a push on the last hole. the scores were close enough for the winners to pull out a very close win.

#12 DeRiso/Gorea vs #20 Powers/Daviau
#13 S.Girmonde/D.Girmonde Sr. vs #19 Bunal/Hamlin
#14 Cahill/Stern vs #18 Albertina/Albertina
#15 D.Girmonde Jr./Suppa vs #17Garceau/Logue


Around the League:
The Final Outing is all set. We will be playing the Otesaga in Cooperstown, New York on Sunday September 15th. We will tee off at 9:00 AM. You have plenty of time to make plans to attend...Tony Suppa's signature still drying on the contract to use the new Titleist woods this year. Supp will have the Titleist TS driver and 3 wood in his bag that bear his initials...

Got a note from Tiger Woods last week. He let me know that he is not the biggest fan of Gary Grabinski...

My pick for this year's PGA, wait for it.........Justin Rose...

Welcome to the league this year:

Bob Seward, Tom Powers, Mark Daviau, Chris Bunal, Dave Hamlin,

Anthony Albertina, Jim Albertina, Eric Garceau and Pete Logue...

Birdies of the week are as follows-Don Niemec - #17, Gary Grabinski - #18, Wayne Manderson - #11

...With the course being so wet, we will be easy on you guys that lose a ball in the fairway due to plugging, replace with no penalty. If the traps are washed away, pull your ball out of the trap with no penalty...

It is Sunday morning 3AM and this first edition has been put to bed. Now it's my turn...