TP Classic Golf League

Wednesday Night @ Twin Ponds Golf & Country Club

Tee Off 3:30pm - 5:00pm

President - Dave Stern ....... Treasurer - Gary Grabinski ....... Secretary - Dave & Gary


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Outing Pairings & Times:

Sunday September 15th @ Leatherstocking in Cooporstown
Tee Time


Gary Grabinski / Lee Welch
Anthony Suppa
Dave Girmonde Sr / Sammy Girmonde
Dave Girmonde Jr
Dave Stern / Peter Cahill
Lance Lubey / Bill Blunt
Tim Banas / Don Niemiec

John Bialak / Tim Brown

Eric Gooldy / Vinny Nucci
Eric Garceau / Pete Logue
Anthony Albertina / Jim Albertina
Joe Pecorello / Dave Daniels
Chris Bunal / Dave Hamlin
Dom Tripp / Jeff Stewart
Shane Berge / Nick Zigerelli
Mark Daviau / Mark Petronella
Gene D'Amico Sr / Mark Kotary
Greg Gorea / Joe LaPaglia Jr.
Finals: Rich Hickel / Will Wallace
Finals: Russ Cahill / Bob Seward


Winners of the Low Team Net:

Week 21 - Hickel/Wallace - 64 ------- $50 Cash



Winners of the Low Team Net:

Week 20 - Bunal/Hamlin - 66 ------- $50 Cash

Click here for PLAYOFF Results




Our Leader ........



After the vote, all weeks that were canceled due to rain will not be counted,

no matching cards. Matching cards will only happen when the week

was played but a team could not make for one reason or another.

(after they notified the other team that they couldn't make it)


Meeting Results:

Dues increase $60,

Now Full TP Members: $210

Non: $400

Playing 21 weeks:

19 weeks of matches, 2 weeks of playoffs

Start Apr 24th, End Sept 4th


Final outing: Sunday Sept 15th

Looking at Turning Stone or Leatherstocking for the Outing





Tim Brown / John Bialek


Click "Outing Info" above to see the Outing Results

Also, click "Accounting" to see the financial report




Bad vs Good




A couple of rules for the new guys in the league

that they might not know:


USGA rules apply unless otherwise stated, but we roll it thru the green.

You can move the ball a scorecard length while keeping the integrity of the shot.

Example: If you’re on the edge of the rough, you must keep it in the rough.



If you cannot find your ball and it was not heading for a hazard or OB and everyone

in the group agrees that it is on the golf course but cannot be found,

drop where you agree it should be, no penalty.



If you go OB, you have the option to drop in the area where

it went OB but count stroke and distance.

For example, hit your drive on #3 up the left side, when you get up their it is OB, pull it back

inbounds and play your 4th shot. You always still have the option to re-tee hitting 3 if you want.




Don't forget about the weekly skins game:

Sign ups are at the end of the counter at the snackbar



2017 League Champs:

John Sadallah & Dom Tripp

(NOT Kotary & D'Amico)(Again)


2016 League Champs

Wayne Manderson & Jeff Pacilio

(NOT Kotary & D'Amico)